Furacão 2000 - 1991

A1. Tony ''Dr. Edit'' Garcia'' & Peter Fontaine - Just Like The Wind
A2. Trinere - They're Playing Your Song
A3. Lydia Lee Love - Don't Take Your Love
A4. The Boys From The Bottom - My Girl's That Booty
A5. Miami Girls - Time To Jam

B1. Raw Dog - This Jam (Melô da Macumba)
B2. Jazzi And Neat - Ouch Me Baby (Melô do Gozador)
B3. Africa & The Zulu Kings - The Beach (Melô do Arpoador)
B4. DJ Magic Mike - The Booty Dub (Melô do Surdo)
B5. MC Pintinho & MC Jovem - Funk América

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